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The purpose of this section is to make content authors aware of the web applications available to them on the domain in accordance with the ESU Web Presence Policy and Guidelines. This is a living document and will be updated as other web applications are added.


Please note: The use of all web applications need to be approved in writing by the University Webmaster. Applications include but not limited to calendars, all and any scripts regardless of which programming language they are written in, widgets, analytics, etc. 



Emporia State University has an official YouTube presence at Departments are encouraged to use the official YouTube platform as host for videos on the domain. This not only saves from high bandwidth costs but at the same time ensures compatibility with most modern Operating Systems, including mobile devices. 


The process to have your video posted on YouTube is:

  1. Ensure that the video meets the video guidelines found under Guidelines -- Video.
  2. Provide the video to the University Webmaster on a CD/DVD/or a USB Flash Drive. Please note at the time of submitting the video whether the media is to be returned to you.
  3. Please allow 3-4 business days for Marketing and Media Relations to review the video. It will take about 2 days for the video to appear on YouTube after the University Webmaster has posted the video.
  4. The University Webmaster will send the requesting person an email notifying him or her of the video placement on YouTube.
  5. Videos on Emporia State University's official YouTube site can then be embedded into departmental webpages using dotCMS. Please note: videos only from Emporia State University's official YouTube site are granted permission to be posted on the domain. Other videos from other sites are not approved and will need to be requested from the University Webmaster.

Please Note: YouTube imposes a 15 minute limit for videos on their servers. With ESU's clever subtitling, keywording, and posting of original content, ESU has no time limit on the videos we post on YouTube.


Universal Subtitles

We would like to ensure accessibility for all as much as possible. As a result we are pushing for all videos on the public domain to contain subtitles. The  site makes it really easy for videos to be subtitled. They have some great online tutorials on how about's to achieve this.


Following is the process to follow to have subtitles included on your videos:

  1. Provide the video to the University Webmaster to post on the ESU youTube channel.
  2. Once the video is posted, the Webmaster will provide the e-mail sender with a link to their video. That link can then be used to open your video on the site.
  3. Follow their process to complete the sub-titling of your video.
  4. Once completed, the site will provide you an option to download your subtitles in a variety of formats. Please download the subtitles in the srt, and txt format, and e-mail those to the Webmaster OR you can also provide the Univeristy Webmaster wilth a link to the subtitled video on site.
  5. The University Webmaster will then upload those subtitles to the ESU youTube channel, and the subtitles will then become part of your video. 
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